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How Can a Guy Be Romantic to His Woman?

How Can a Guy Be Romantic to His Woman?

One of the most basic ways to be romantic to your woman is to give her a compliment. Women respond to compliments by becoming more beautiful. A man who gives a compliment to his wife believes what he says with greater conviction. When a man compliments his wife, he is expressing his love. To make it more romantic, he can back up his words with thoughtful texts or gestures.

Simple gestures

There are several simple gestures a guy can make for his woman that will make her feel a million bucks. Making breakfast in bed is one such gesture. Even if it’s just coffee and toast, it will change the mood. Small gestures make a huge impact.

Keeping the lights on

If you’re having trouble keeping the lights on when dating a woman, you’re not alone. Many men struggle with this problem, and they often resort to sex counselors for help. But keeping the lights on is a powerful way to build a deeper connection. Psychotherapist and sex counselor Michael Aaron says that the most effective way to achieve this is to ask your woman why she doesn’t like the lights on. You may even be able to scare her into lighting a candle.

Experiential gifts

Experiential gifts are a great way to show your woman how much you care about her without being too overbearing. Not only do they offer a great experience for the recipient, but they also make great last-minute presents.

Kissing while she’s sleeping

Many women are attracted to a guy who can kiss her while she sleeps. The reasons vary and are based on factors such as the relationship stage and menstrual cycle. Additionally, women have their own genetic makeup and preferences for potential mates. For example, they may prefer a man with masculine features, facial symmetry, and social dominance.

Making a playlist on iTunes

One of the most romantic gestures a guy can give his woman is making her a playlist on iTunes. In years past, guys used to make their girls mixed tapes, which was one of the most thoughtful gestures a man could do for his lady. Now, making a playlist on iTunes or Spotify can do the same thing, but much quicker.

Getting dressed up for a date

Getting dressed up for a date can go a long way. Guys like to see that women are trying to look their best and try to look their best. This will keep the romance and attraction alive in the relationship.

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