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Things Before We Break Up

Things Before We Break Up

If you’re in a relationship, there are some things you should know before breaking up. A woman who has recently split with her boyfriend has to face the reality of an unexpected pregnancy. Luckily, she’s prepared to tell her boyfriend, Benjamin. When Ben realizes she’s pregnant, he decides to commit and spend more time with her. As months pass, Ben gets to know Abigail’s kids and becomes committed to her.

Film review

“We Break Up” is a remake of “Scenes From a Marriage” and “Modern Romance” and follows a divorced Chicago couple. The film opens with a slide show of “good times” and follows the two through their long and painful separation. Although the film is filled with comedy, it is ultimately not a likable film.


Synopsis of 10 things before we break up (2018): This pseudo-romcom, not to be confused with 10 Things I Hate About You, is a witty, dialogue-driven film. While the plot isn’t terribly original, the film works as a fun little diversion. In many ways, the movie feels more like a real-life story than a fairy tale.

The film follows a couple in the early stages of their relationship. Abigail is a divorced mom of two, and she and Ben are matched on a blind date. A few months later, Abigail discovers that she is pregnant. The couple confronts each other and decides to get back together. However, their relationship takes a turn for the worst when Abigail learns that she is expecting their second child.


Ten Things Before We Break Up is a funny and romantic film that follows a couple who are just starting out in a relationship. The two make a list of ten things to do before they break up. The list is filled with awkward moments, and each one of them must decide whether they are ready to move on.

Reaction to film

Reaction to film 10 Things Before We Break Up: The film follows a budding relationship. It deals with how a man’s lack of maturity can cause a relationship to end. It is a funny, satirical look at the nature of relationships. There are some great lines in this film and the ending makes it well worth watching.

This dialogue-driven film, unlike its predecessor, 10 Things I Hate About You, is a fun little diversion from the usual romantic comedies. It feels as if it’s a real story and not some sanitized fairytale.

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