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How Important Is Physical Attraction for A Man?

How Important Is Physical Attraction for A Man?

Physical attraction isn’t the only thing women should focus on. In a study of 400 men and women, researchers found that men reported having fluttering feelings for more than one woman. Although the researchers weren’t sure why men were attracted to so many women, they did note that physical attraction and love aren’t the same things. Women, on the other hand, are much more selective in their choices of a partner.

Body mass index

Body mass index (BMI) is an important indicator of a man’s physical attractiveness. The dominant evolutionary theory of physical attraction posits that physical attractiveness is a function of physiological health and that attractiveness is a mechanism that identifies a healthy mate. According to the theory, the healthiest women have body mass indices that are close to the recommended guidelines for the human body. However, there are also sociocultural factors that affect attractiveness. In addition, there are fewer guidelines for the optimal body size for a man than for a woman. The reason for this may be that body fat and muscle are conflated in BMI.

Feminine features

Feminine features are important for physical attraction in men and women. Men are generally more masculine in appearance with prominent, angular facial features. This masculinity is influenced by testosterone and genetics. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more feminine in appearance and exhibit more feminine features.


There are many reasons why intelligence is important for physical attraction for a man. For one thing, people with high IQs have better job prospects and are often better educated. Furthermore, people with high IQs also earn more money. This means that intelligence is a valuable trait that you should not underestimate.


Research shows that women’s perception of attractive men is affected by how they smile. A recent study at the University of Oslo and Senshu University found that men who smile are perceived to be more attractive by women – and not just for short-term dates. Men who are not smiling detract from the impression of masculinity and maturity and thus make themselves less attractive to women. However, smiling makes men seem trustworthy and approachable, and this is particularly useful for those who want to develop a lasting relationship with women.


It is well known that a woman’s body odor plays an important role in attracting a man. According to research, men can smell women when they are turned on and rate their smells from hot to not-so-hot. A study conducted by psychologist Arnaud Wisman at the University of Kent shows that women’s body scents can influence a man’s emotional response.

Body language

If you want to attract a man physically, you need to know his body language. Men often give mixed signals and are hard to read. You should pay attention to the ways he looks, acts, and talks.

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