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Unconventional Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive

Unconventional Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive

Biologically speaking, the science of attraction is well rooted in biology. In the case of men, it may be their lack of happiness that makes them less attractive. If you’re looking for unconventional ways to make yourself more attractive, tap into the preferences of the opposite sex. For example, a University of British Columbia study found that smiling is more appealing to women than any other facial expression. While most people associate smiling with femininity, it may simply be due to gender norms. Whether it’s biological or social, smiling makes women more attractive and sexually responsive.

Body language

The truth is, you can become more desirable by changing a few things about your appearance. A big jawbone, for example, is often seen as a masculine trait, but it’s not the only thing that contributes to your appearance. Your body language can be an effective tool to attract someone. Your body language can be more open and approachable than your style would suggest. Whether you’re wearing a suit or revealing your inner beauty, open body language shows your availability.

There are many conventional ways to make yourself more appealing, such as wearing makeup or a $5,000 custom-fit suit. These techniques are temporary, and they can only go so far. Developing an irresistible personality is a long-term strategy for improving your appeal. Business Insider consulted dating experts to get tips on making yourself more attractive. These tips range from simple changes to more ambitious techniques. Becoming the best version of yourself is a proven way to land dates and cultivate lasting relationships.

Hair color

Many people find their hair to be beautiful, but are they able to keep it looking that way forever? One way to add personality to your hair is to dye it a fun, unusual color. Contrary to popular belief, the process of dying your hair is not difficult and there are plenty of examples of celebrities and models with crazy color schemes. Here are a few that have turned heads. You can even try some of these yourself!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make yourself more enticing, try smiling more unconventionally. Women tend to use their smirks more than men, which makes them seem less authentic. However, the right way to smile can boost your presence and perceived warmth. When people perceive you as more approachable, they’ll be more inclined to want to get to know you. By smiling in an unconventional way, you’ll be more likable and more likely to attract other people’s attention.

Expansive postures

Did you know that expanding your posture has the power to increase your appeal? A study conducted by Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk of the University of California, Berkeley, looked at 144 speed dates and found that people who were sitting in expansive postures received higher scores from respondents. Not only were they rated more attractive, but they also nearly doubled their chances of getting a second date.

Clean shave

Many men think that their facial hair is a sign of masculinity, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Studies have shown that men who sport dark lipstick and heavy stubble are much more attractive than those who have clean shaved faces. Men who wear chest hair are also more attractive than those who don’t sport any. Ultimately, the answer lies in how we present ourselves to the outside world.
Getting 8 hours of sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep each night can boost your mood and improve your self-esteem. A new study conducted by the Phillips Global Sleep Survey found that most adults do not get the recommended amount of sleep. Most attribute this to stress, a hectic schedule, or the inability to get enough sleep. However, a simple solution to this problem can be found by ensuring you get eight hours of rest every night.

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